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V-LFP-12-135 | 12v 135AH Fusion Lithium Battery | Deep Cycle

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Fusion Lithium Batteries - Australia’s Leader in Lithium Technology

Fusion Lithium Batteries is the pioneer of lithium deep-cycle batteries in Australia. Our industry leading advancements in lithium technology has made us the benchmark for lithium deep cycle technology world-wide. With a major focus on research and development, Fusion Lithium Batteries have been designed to be superior in every aspect.

Fusion Lithium batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions in standard lead-acid battery sizes for a wide variety of applications. Some noteworthy aspects of Fusion Lithium Batteries are:

  • They’re extremely lightweight designed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications and are a completely dry battery making them spill-proof and leak-proof. 
  • They have an extremely low self-discharge rate, meaning a longer shelf life when compared to lead acid batteries and other Lithium brands.
  • They are designed as a direct drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries, offering twice the run-time and less than half the weight.

Where to Use Fusion Lithium Batteries

Energy Eco’s 12v 135AH Fusion Lithium batteries are not just batteries — they're your ticket to seamless power in a variety of scenarios. Below, we outline where Fusion Lithium batteries can make a world of difference:

  • RV adventures — Planning a road trip in your trusty RV? Swap out those heavy lead-acid batteries for Fusion Lithium. You'll get twice the run-time and only half the weight, giving you more power without slowing you down.
  • Maritime travels — If you're a boating enthusiast, Fusion Lithium batteries are your sea-side companions. Spill-proof, leak-proof and ready to keep your boat rocking with dependable power. Whether you're cruising the waves or anchored, these batteries have you covered.
  • Off-grid escapades — Ever dreamt of an off-grid lifestyle? Fusion Lithium batteries turn dreams into reality. Deep-cycle design and a seriously low self-discharge rate mean you can store energy for when you need it most. Embrace the freedom of remote living without sacrificing power.
  • Green energy projects — Got a sustainable energy project in mind? Fusion Lithium batteries are here to elevate your efforts. With their impressive efficiency and power-to-weight ratio, they're the perfect partners for your eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Extreme environments — Fusion Lithium batteries aren't just fair-weather friends. Our HR Series is designed to thrive in scorching conditions. So whether you're facing desert heat or chilling cold, these batteries have the mettle to match.

But wait, there's more to discover! Fusion Lithium batteries are ready to transform energy solutions in even more ways. With their lightweight design, high-energy density and advanced safety features, they can adapt to a range of situations – whether it's powering medical devices or fueling robotic projects. 

Fusion Lithium Batteries can be charged using standard 3 stage AGM smart chargers.

  • Available in 12V, 24V, 36V
  • Ultra-Light Weight - 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery
  • Long Shelf Life - Minimal self- discharge.
  • Extremely Quick Recharge Time - Can be safely recharge with high current charge rates.
  • Can be charged with standard 3 Stage AGM smart charges & alternators.
  • Built in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Built in Automatic Protection from Over Charge, Over Discharge and Over Temperature
  • Direct Drop-in Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries - With considerably longer runtime
  • Safe to Use - The battery cannot explode or catch fire under normal operating conditions
  • Longer Service Life - Thousands of cycles at 100% DOD under normal conditions
  • Superior Design & Quality - Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • High Energy Efficiency - Higher voltage resulting in a boost in performance
  • HR Series for extreme heat conditions
  • Custom Options are available, enquiries within.
  • Fusion Lithium are the Pioneers and Benchmark for 12V & 24V LiFePo4 Batteries in Australia.
  • Dry Cell Battery - No leaks or spills
  • Run-time






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What are Fusion Lithium batteries, and what makes them different from traditional lead-acid batteries?

Fusion Lithium batteries represent a significant advancement in energy storage technology. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, they use lithium technology, which offers notable key differences. The most noteworthy distinction is their lightweight design. Fusion Lithium batteries are considerably lighter than lead-acid batteries of comparable capacity. This reduced weight means that it's more portable and easier to install. What's more, Fusion Lithium batteries boast a longer run time, letting you power your devices and equipment for extended periods of time without having to recharge frequently. 

How do Fusion Lithium batteries achieve longer run-time and reduced weight compared to lead-acid batteries?

The extended run-time and reduced weight of Fusion Lithium batteries are largely due to the unique properties of lithium technology. Lithium batteries, including Fusion Lithium batteries, have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. This means they can store more energy in a smaller space and be used for longer periods of operation. Additionally, lithium batteries are inherently lighter due to the composition of their materials. The combination of these factors results in Fusion Lithium batteries having a longer run-time while being greatly lighter and more compact than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Are Fusion Lithium batteries safe to use, considering they are lithium-based?

Absolutely. Safety is a top priority with Fusion Lithium batteries. These batteries have a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) that actively monitors and manages the battery's performance and safety parameters. This BMS ensures the battery operates within safe limits, protecting against overcharging, over-discharging and over-temperature conditions. You can rest assured that Fusion Lithium batteries can provide you with reliable and safe power for a wide range of applications.

What are the available voltage options for Fusion Lithium Batteries?

Fusion Lithium batteries are available in a 12V configuration, catering to a variety of power requirements. This voltage option is commonly used in many applications, from recreational vehicles to renewable energy systems. Whether you need to power up your adventures or provide energy storage for your projects, our 12V Fusion Lithium batteries have you covered.

Are Fusion Lithium batteries suitable for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications?

Yes. Fusion Lithium batteries have been engineered with deep-cycle applications in mind. They are capable of handling repeated deep discharges and charges, making them an excellent choice for scenarios that demand consistent and reliable power over extended periods. Whether you're setting up an off-grid solar system, running equipment on a boat or powering remote locations, Fusion Lithium batteries are up to the task and are built to deliver exceptional performance in deep-cycle applications.

Do you offer a warranty for your Fusion Lithium batteries?

Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority. Our Fusion Lithium batteries are accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty, covering any defects in materials and workmanship. Please note that the duration of this warranty might differ based on the product. For precise information, we recommend referring to the product documentation or reaching out to our support team. If any issues within the warranty's coverage arise, we stand ready to guide you and offer our assistance.

What is the return policy for your Fusion Lithium batteries?

We understand that circumstances can change, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you need to return your Fusion Lithium Battery, our return policy ensures a smooth process. Within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt, you can return the item if it remains unused, unopened and in its original packaging. Please note that a restocking fee of $45.00 will apply. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns for items that have left our store and are in transit. If you decide to proceed with a return, you'll be responsible for the return shipping costs, which are non-refundable. It's essential to inspect the goods upon arrival to ensure they meet your expectations. If the returned item is eligible for a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from the refund amount.

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