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Pre-wired Victron Board from an expert.

3000VA + Mains 120A + Solar 50A + DC-DC 30A.
Normally in stock for immediate dispatch but please contact us for availability.

This pre-wired board contains:

  • A Victron 3000VA MultiPlus-II inverter, 120A mains charger / automatic transfer switch
    • The 3000VA inverter allows you to run virtually any 10A appliance
    • 120A mains charger for quick charging from the grid
    • Automatic transfer switch – when off-grid, the MultiPlus inverter supplying your 240V power outlets throughout your van are powered from your battery, and when plugged into mains power, the same power outlets will via the grid while the MultiPlus charges your batteries
    • Safety switch circuit protection for incoming mains and outgoing power from the inverter
    • Also including Victron Digital Multi Control (Remote On/Off/Charger Only switch for the inverter/charger) and 9m of cable from the board
  • Victron 50A MPPT SmartSolar (Bluetooth) – Connect to solar using red Anderson
  • Victron 30A DC-DC Charger (Bluetooth) Non-Isolated – Compatible with smart alternators – Connect to starter battery using grey Anderson
  • Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor (Bluetooth)
    • The battery monitor shows state of charge of your house battery, current in/out, voltage, have an audible alarm when below a certain level
    • 9m of cable from the board to the display included
  • Blue Sea 12 blade fuse block and fuses
  • Circuit breakers and 6 B&S cable used for the MPPT, DC-DC and fuse block
  • 400A MEGA fuse and 70mm2 double insulated welding/power cable used for the inverter

Can be shipped Australia wide – The unit will be supplied on pallet, the driver will not unload so either a business address or depot must be provided, alternatively a home address is acceptable if someone will be home at all times to unload, calling before delivery is not possible.


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