Mastervolt | Mass Combi Ultra Pro | Inverter Charger (38513000)

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Part Number: 38513000

Mass Combi: charging, inverting and power support in one device
The Mastervolt Mass Combi combines the best of both worlds, with an advanced battery charger and silent inverter rolled into one compact device. It is ideal for most boats, from sloops to 16-metre yachts, as well as for heavy mobile applications. 48 V are now also available upon request.

Versatile power supply
One of the key reasons for the Mass Combiís popularity is its versatility in power supply. The starter and service batteries are charged quickly and completely, while the inverter provides silent and clean power. The Combi also has two separate AC outputs for light and heavy consumers. To prevent unnecessary depletion of the batteries, heavy consumers such as washing machines or air conditioning are only powered when mains voltage or a generator is available.

Modern technology
The design of the Mass Combi is both unique and characteristic of Mastervolt. Rather than installing heavy transformers, our lightweight, high-frequency technology offers major benefits regarding size, weight and sound (no hum!). The technology also ensures an exceptionally high efficiency with a minimal conversion loss and a low no-load consumption. The Mass Combi meets all your requirements and more!

Combined functionality

  • Powerboost from battery when mains voltage is limited (mains/generator support)
  • Charging two individual battery banks
  • Invert to 230 V/50 Hz pure sine wave voltage
  • Available in 12, 24 or 48 V version
  • Multiple distribution and switching systems
  • Parallel function; two parallel Combis for even more power
  • The Mass Combi is CE and E-mark certified (E-mark does not apply for Mass Combi 12/1600, 24/1800, 12/2200 & 24/2600)

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