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V-LFP-24-200 | 24v 200AH Fusion Lithium Battery | Deep Cycle

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Fusion Lithium Batteries — Australia’s Leader in Lithium Technology

Fusion Lithium batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions in standard lead-acid battery sizes for a wide variety of applications. They are designed as a direct drop-in replacement for similar-sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run time and less than half the weight. Fusion Lithium Phosphate Batteries are extremely lightweight batteries designed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications. They are completely dry batteries, making them spill-proof and leak-proof.

Fusion Lithium batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate. This means they have a longer shelf life when compared to lead-acid batteries and others Lithium brands.

Fusion Lithium Batteries is the pioneer of lithium deep-cycle batteries in Australia. Our industry-leading advancements in lithium technology have made us the benchmark for lithium deep-cycle technology worldwide. With a major focus on research and development, Fusion Lithium Batteries have been designed to be superior in every aspect. Our lithium batteries are the lightest, yet most powerful lithium batteries in the world.

Versatile applications for the 24v 200AH Fusion Lithium Battery

When it comes to reliable power storage, the V-LFP-24-200 Fusion Lithium Battery is a game-changer. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, delivering dependable energy storage solutions across various industries. Here's where you can harness the potential of this remarkable battery:

  • Marine — Keep your boat's systems running smoothly with the V-LFP-24-200. It's perfect for powering lights, appliances and navigation equipment on board.
  • RV and camping — Enjoy the freedom of remote adventures without worrying about power. This lithium battery is an ideal choice for your camper or RV, ensuring a steady supply of electricity for your comfort and convenience.
  • Data centre UPS — Protect critical data and equipment from unexpected power outages with reliable backup power from Fusion Lithium Batteries.
  • Telecom backup power — Ensure uninterrupted communication services even during power disruptions. Fusion Lithium Batteries offer the backup power needed for telecom infrastructure.
  • Military power supply — In demanding military applications, reliability is paramount. The V-LFP-24-200 delivers consistent power for mission-critical equipment.
  • Solar energy storage system — Maximise the efficiency of your solar energy system with Fusion Lithium Batteries. Store excess energy during the day for use at night or on cloudy days.
  • Solar street LED lightings — Illuminate streets and public areas efficiently using solar-powered LED lights backed by Fusion Lithium Batteries.
  • Autonomously guided vehicles — These vehicles rely on precise power supply. Fusion Lithium Batteries ensure AGVs operate seamlessly in manufacturing and logistics settings.
  • Industrial robotics — Power your industrial robots and handling equipment with confidence, knowing that Fusion Lithium Batteries provide consistent energy.
  • Floor cleaning machines — Efficiency and productivity are key in the cleaning industry. Fusion Lithium Batteries offer the energy needed to keep your floor cleaning machines running optimally.
  • Power tools — Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, these batteries provide reliable power for your tools and equipment.
  • Electric bikes — Enjoy longer rides and quicker charging times with Fusion Lithium Batteries, designed for electric bikes and motorcycles.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Wherever reliable and efficient energy storage is needed, the V-LFP-24-200 Fusion Lithium Battery is your trusted solution. Its adaptability and durability make it a go-to choice across industries, providing both peace of mind and an uninterrupted power supply.

  • Fusion Lithium Batteries can be charged using standard 3-Stage AGM smart chargers.
  • Available in 12V, 24V, 36V
  • Ultra-Light Weight - 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery
  • Long Shelf Life - Minimal self-discharge
  • Extremely Quick Recharge Time - Can be safely recharged with high current charge rates
  • Can be charged with standard 3-Stage AGM smart charges and alternators
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Best Built-in Automatic Protection from Over Charge, Over Discharge and Over Temperature
  • Direct Drop-in Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries - With considerably longer runtime
  • Safe to Use - The battery cannot explode or catch fire under normal operating conditions
  • Longer Service Life - Thousands of cycles at 100% DOD under normal conditions
  • Superior Design and Quality - Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • High Energy Efficiency - Higher voltage resulting in a boost in performance
  • HR Series for extreme heat conditions
  • Custom Options are available, enquiries within
  • Fusion Lithium are a Pioneer and the Benchmark for 12V and 24V LiFePo4 Batteries in Australia
  • Dry Cell Battery - No leaks or spills
  • Longest Run-time



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What are Fusion Lithium Batteries known for in Australia's lithium technology market?

Fusion Lithium Batteries have garnered a strong reputation in Australia's lithium technology market for their groundbreaking innovations and commitment to excellence. Our products are widely recognised for these reasons:

  • Pioneering lithium technology — Fusion Lithium Batteries were among the first to introduce lithium deep-cycle batteries in Australia. Their relentless focus on research and development has made them industry pioneers. Additionally, they have set the standard for lithium technology not only in Australia but also globally.
  • Superior performance — These batteries are known for their exceptional performance across various applications. High energy density, fast charging capabilities and the ability to deliver sustained power over extended periods are just some of the advantages that you get from the 24v 200AH Fusion Lithium Battery
  • Lightweight design — In applications where weight is a critical factor, Fusion Lithium Batteries are a popular choice as they are significantly lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Safety and reliability — With its advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS), the 24v 200AH Fusion Lithium Battery provides automatic protection against overcharging, over-discharging and over-temperature conditions. 

How do Fusion Lithium Batteries compare to lead-acid batteries when it comes to run time and weight? 

Fusion Lithium Batteries offer substantial advantages over lead-acid batteries. These include:  

  • Enhanced run time — Fusion Lithium Batteries provide approximately twice the run time compared to lead-acid batteries of similar size. This extended run time is particularly valuable in off-grid and backup power applications.
  • Significantly lighter weight — It’s not surprising that Fusion Lithium Batteries are the better choice as they weigh less than half of traditional lead-acid batteries. With their lightweight design, they can simplify installation and reduce the overall weight of systems, making them easier to handle and transport. 

Are Fusion Lithium Batteries really spill-proof and leak-proof?

Yes, Fusion Lithium Batteries are indeed spill-proof and leak-proof. These batteries are designed as completely dry batteries, ensuring there are no liquid electrolytes inside. This design eliminates the risk of spills and leaks, making them a safe and reliable choice for various applications.

How do Fusion Lithium Batteries achieve their longer shelf life compared to other lithium brands and lead-acid batteries?

Fusion Lithium Batteries achieve their longer shelf life through several key factors:

  • Low self-discharge rate — These batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate, meaning they can hold their charge for extended periods without significant power loss. This low self-discharge rate outperforms both lead-acid batteries and many other lithium brands.
  • Quality manufacturing — Fusion Lithium Batteries are manufactured to meet Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, ensuring consistency and quality in production.

If you need more information on our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Energy Eco, we’re more than happy to enlighten you and help you find the batteries that match your needs and requirements.

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